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McCoy Corporation is a General Engineering, Contract Mining, and Mine Site Reclamation contractor. Our services are performed throughout the western United States, in most cases around the clock. Primary services listed utilize a wide range of McCoy Corporation owned equipment to perform our work. McCoy Corps long list of equipment comprises mainly of Cat Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Hydraulic Excavators, and 150/100/75/45 Ton Haul Trucks generally used in our hard rock mining. Our Cat Motor Scraper Fleet is highly effective in the correct application with the majority of our motor scrapers being the Cat 651-E (32) CY capacity haul units.  Our production haulage units are well supported by our widely ranging list of motor graders, water units, fuel & lube, and maintenance trucks. Our management structure is layered with senior management, estimating & engineering, accounting, onsite production, maintenance management, staffing, production crews, and support personnel. 



McCoy Corporation is a full service General Engineering, Contract mining, and Mine Reclamation company doing business throughout the Western United States. McCoy Corporation is the culmination of over 60+ years’ experience spanning over three long generations with a wide variety of construction and mining accomplishments. Our company is owned and operated by the three McCoy brothers Morgan McCoy(President) ,Casey McCoy (Vice President), and Jess McCoy (Sr Vice President of Operations). The McCoy brothers grew up in their father’s business Dennis McCoy & Sons Inc. gaining the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to succeed and provide a great service to all customers via our different methods of operation.

Mr. Dennis McCoy instilled in his boys' strong skills and work ethic to aid in the success of a sound business to withstand the test of time. These different skills include  honesty, integrity, fair dealings and respect to our customers’ needs. The McCoy brothers work and manage together in harmony and unison with all of McCoy Corps skilled staff offering our customers all the support needed to successfully attain both McCoy Corporations and our customers common business goals. The McCoy brothers understand it is the great employees at McCoy Corporation working hard everyday to make sure that the company’s performance is among the highest in the industry. The marriage between safety , production, compliance, schedules and customer satisfaction is extremely delicate; we believe McCoy Corporation’s long standing presence in the construction, mining, and mine reclamation industries can be trusted by you entrusting us with your business needs. 




McCoy Corporation provides a full and complete contract mining service to include mine site development, pioneering and development of new pits, pit expansions, drilling, and blasting of production shots, cast shots, trim & pioneering shots, haul road construction and maintenance, loading and hauling of ore and waste, dust suppression, crushing and crusher feed, high wall control, and scaling. We utilize grade control on our units where needed to provide floor, ore, and waste material control along with GPS on our all drills to ensure the accuracy of our mining.


McCoy Corporation provides a full and complete mine reclamation service to include precise grade control, material segregation and placement. Our commitment to detail in this field is highly effective to achieve the results necessary for state and federal compliance. Common services we perform include survey, project definition, pre and post mine topography grade set up and control, haul road construction and maintenance, topsoil windrowing, bunching and striping of various depths to be hauled either to a stock pile or direct laydown. Topsoil placement to meet strict grade control requirements in the laydown areas or placement in engineered stockpiles. Construction of dewatering systems, sediment & holding ponds, drainage channels, designed waterways, piping infrastructures, rip/rap placement and storm water velocity reducing structures. High wall reconfiguration & shaping to achieve post mine compliance and topsoil placement on the newly created surfaces for bond recovery.



McCoy Corporation provides a full and complete general contracting service to include self-performance and subcontractor management on large-scale residential and commercial site development projects. Our company’s deep history in these private sector developments brings raw land to market and is achieved by a wide variety of our services provided by our technical services division.

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